The real story behind YMCA

Recognise this man? He’s the founding Village Person who co-wrote all their biggest hits. And he’s back. Picture: Supplied

THE Village People’s YMCA was never meant to be a gay anthem — according to the man who wrote it.

Victor Willis, the disco band’s founding member and original singer, wrote the lyrics for the 1978 hit.

He is about to reboot and rejoin the iconic band he left in 1980 at the peak of their success.

“It was not written to be a gay song because of the simple fact I’m not gay,” Willis said of YMCA, recently covered by Boy George to help raise awareness of marriage equality.

“I wrote it about hanging out in urban neighbourhoods in my youth. ‘You can hang out with all the boys’ was a term about me and my friends playing basketball at the Y. But I wanted to write a song that could fit anyone’s lifestyle. I’m happy the gay community adopted it as their anthem, I have no qualms with that.”

Willis co-wrote over 30 Village People songs, including their …

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