The realities of sword-based combat

For Honor features a newly developed gameplay mechanic designed to better reflect the realities of sword-based combat.

SWORDS are extremely cool. Whether it’s a broadsword being wielded by a knight, a katana in the hands of a samurai or a lightsaber being used by a Jedi to slice through Imperial Stormtroopers, pretty much any form of entertainment gets better when the steel starts flashing.

This attraction is something Ubisoft are capitalising on with the forthcoming release of their latest game, For Honor.

Developed by Ubisoft’s Montreal studio, the multiplayer game is due out on February 14 and puts the players in the armour of either a knight, samurai or Viking in a fantasy-setting world where all three factions are fighting each other for handwaved reasons involving a displeased God of War.

Swordfighting games aren’t a new thing, but For Honor features a newly developed gameplay mechanic, known as The Art of Battle that took more than four years to develop, designed to better …

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