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The surprising thing banned from the cockpit

Jarrod Sierocki

Ever wondered what your airline pilot does during a flight? The answer might be surprising!

These are the rules pilots have to obey in the cockpit.

WHETHER it’s reading a book, binge-watching films or seeing just how many of those little bottles of wine you can put away, everyone has their own way of passing the time on a long flight.

But what about the pilots? This is what they get up to behind the cockpit door.

NOT flying the plane

You might like to think that pilots always have their steady hands at the wheel. But in reality, airmen and women normally flick on autopilot within seconds of taking off.

In normal circumstances, modern computer tech on passenger planes allows for next to no human intervention apart from during take off and landing.

While this fact might panic some, frequent flyers need not get too jittery because pilots are constantly monitoring for turbulence and other safety and comfort factors during cruising.

Other duties include monitoring the weather radar to gauge

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