There is now a new Xbox console

The Xbox One X is the smallest Xbox ever and the most powerful console ever.

AFTER 12 months of speculation, Microsoft has finally revealed details about its highly secretive Project Scorpio.

Now known as the Xbox One X, Microsoft’s new gaming unit is not only the company’s smallest iteration yet, but it is the most powerful console in the world.

Unveiled at Microsoft’s E3 showcase, the new console has four and half times the power of the original Xbox One console and is capable of displaying video games in ultra high-def 4K resolution at an impressive 60 frames per second.

Complete with 6 teraflops of computing power, the Xbox One X has significantly more power than its main competitor the PlayStation 4 Pro, which only offers 4.2 teraflops.

The Xbox One X also has a 16-nanometre chip with 17 billion transistors, a one terabyte hard drive, custom-built vapour chamber cooling system to keep the console cool and premium Dolby Atmos sound.

Despite planning to sell the Xbox One X and O…

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