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Toddler’s Disneyland rant: ‘It’s a sham’

Jarrod Sierocki

For most children, a trip to Disneyland is a dream come true. Not Mila Stauffer though. Having previously explained what was wrong with airport security, she now takes apart the so-called “happiest place on earth.” “If you go to Disneyland,” Mila tells the camera. “Prepare for a heartache.” Credit: Katie Stauffer via Storyful

Mila Stauffer was not impressed with Disneyland

DISNEYLAND’S tagline may be “The Happiest Place on Earth” but for this toddler it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Two-year-old Mila Stauffer from Arizona recently visited the theme park with her family and she was not in the slightest bit impressed.

“Disneyland’s the happiest place on earth? Please …” the sassy toddler says in a clip posted to social media by her mother.

“Everywhere I look kids are whining,” she continues, rolling her eyes.

Jarrod Sierocki

Mila Stauffer was not impressed with “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Image: Katie Stauffer/StoryfulSource:Supplied

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