Townhouse comes with surprising offer

Don’t want to give up brunch for the mortgage? You may not have to.

DON’T want to give up brunch for a mortgage?

Househunters in Brisbane can have it both ways, thanks to a developer’s offer of a year’s worth of smashed avocado on toast, along with one of his suburban townhouses.

LME Capital’s Neil Sherington said buyers of the properties would be entitled to one serving a week of the dish — which has come to symbolise the housing affordability crisis — at a local cafe of their choosing.

“We really wanted to aim these townhouses at a younger generation; why should they have to sacrifice their avocadoes to get a house?” Mr Sherington told The Australian.

Smashed avocado took a central role in the housing debate when demographer Bernard Salt wrote a scathing column last year about Gen Y hipsters who complained about being locked out of the housing market, while splashing out on the sort of fancy brunches their parents could have only dreamt of.

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