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UK border crackdown by 2019

Aussies with European passports would not have the right to live in the UK automatically once freedom of movement ends. Picture: Oli Scarff/Getty Images.

FREEDOM of movement between the UK and European Union is expected to end by March 2019 when a new immigration system will be in place.

UK Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis told the BBC it was a “simple matter of fact” that EU freedom of movement rules would not apply once the country has left the bloc.

“Freedom of movement ends when we leave the European Union in the spring of 2019,” he said. “We’re very clear that free movement ends”.

The UK is currently working on a Brexit deal with the remaining 27 member states that will determine access to the 500 million member European single market.

At present, the EU maintains its four freedoms — movement of goods, services, people and capital — are inextricable and cannot be “cherry picked”.

The UK is working to negotiate whether it can have the ability to end freedom of…

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