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US school shooting: many dead

As many as seven people have been killed after another mass shooting at a US high school.

Many others were injured when an assailant opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Police responded to first reports around 2.30pm local time on Wednesday (6.30am Thursday AEDT).

There were differing reports of the number of injured. AP reported at least 14. Al Boe News said at least 20 people were injured. Local media stated there could be as many as 50.

US Senator Bill Nelson told Fox News there were “many deaths” in the shooting.

A fire alarm reportedly went off just minutes before the shooting started. Students were evacuating the school when the gunfire began.

CBS reports that students initially thought the shooting was a drill, after they had one earlier in the day.

“We thought it was a drill,” a student told CBS News. “We already had one earlier this morning…and then we heard gunshots; some students thought it was not that serious.”

Police initial…

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