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Was Cassie’s suitcase a decoy?

Jarrod Sierocki

The mother of Australian woman Cassie Sainsbury, charged with drugs trafficking in Colombia speaks on radio. Courtesy: 3AW

AN EXPERT on the South American drug trade said accused cocaine smuggler Cassandra Sainsbury may have been used as a decoy.

Rusty Young wrote the book Marching Powder about the Bolivia’s infamous prison system and told The Project drug dealers sometimes used young tourists as decoys, to enable other drug smugglers a clear passage at airports.

But he said the quantity Adelaide’s Ms Sainsbury was allegedly caught with made it seem unlikely that is what happened to her.

“The traffickers do use that when they have flights with a lot of different mules going on,” he said.

“They are giving one over to the police to let 10 go past.

“Typically they wouldn’t give away 6kg, that is a lot to give away.

“You would only usually give away one or two kilograms. (But) it is a possibility.”

Mr Young said it was “uncommon for people to be slipping drugs into other p…

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