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Was Trump slurring during speech?

DONALD Trump provoked a Twitterstorm after his speech on Jerusalem yesterday in which he appeared to be breathing heavily and slurring some of his words toward the end.

The US President was delivering his speech when the pattern of his speech changed towards the end.

“God bless the United States,” he concluded, but the words “States” sounded as if he pronounced it “Shtates” — and scores of viewers noticed, The New York Post reported.

“Trump’s speech just slurred significantly at the end of the speech he just gave. Notice how he says ‘United States,’ but his words were thick before that,” wrote Jon Aravosis, a DC pundit.

“Aside from the constant sniffing, there was something seriously wrong with Trump’s speech and mouth during that #Jerusalem announcement. Major slurring. Weirder than usual I mean,” said Marcus Dysch, political editor of the Jewish Chronicle.

“Why is Trump slurring his speech?” wondered actor Mia Farrow.

“Am I dreaming or was Trump’s s…

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