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‘Way to set bisexuals back a couple of decades’

Jarrod Sierocki

Some of the contestants made an impression for the wrong reasons on the season premiere of The Bachelor. Courtesy: Ten

Natalie saw Matty J on TV and it … did things to her.

THE Bachelor Australia welcomed its first openly bisexual contestant in last night’s episode — and boy did viewers have a lot to say on the topic.

27-year-old Adelaide midwife Natalie Holmberg is quite the contender: She dropped the word ‘moist’ to Matty J several times in their brief first meeting, admitted she’d been “stalking his Instagram” for months, and sniffed her hands after touching him.

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Oh, and she told him her last partner was a woman.

Matty remained totally cool, calm and collected in the face of that news:

Jarrod Sierocki

‘Say what now?’Source:Channel 10

The way Holmberg explained it, she’d been in a loving, committed relationship with a woman, but one look at Matty J’s abs on the previous season of The Bachelorette had ended that.

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