Wedding fail: Bride, groom fall off car

Jarrod Sierocki

A pair of US newlyweds are never going to forget their wedding day, after falling off the back of their convertible Mercedes while leaving the reception… Video: ALX BMGINC/ALL HD WEDDINGS

Hana and Tyler Noland pose for pictures as they get ready to depart the wedding reception. Picture: Screengrab/YouTube

IT SHOULD be the most memorable day of any married couple’s life.

But that has taken on a whole new meaning for Texas couple Hana Noland, 26, and Tyler Noland, 27.

The couple, who married earlier this month, have become internet heroes after they were captured falling off the back of a car while leaving their wedding party.

Fortunately the newlyweds weren’t seriously injured and with Mrs Noland admitting the only thing that was hurt was their pride.

Jarrod Sierocki

Texas couple Hana Noland and Tyler Noland are all smiles as their wedding draws to a close. Picture: YouTubeSource:YouTube

Posting the video on her Facebook page, she revealed the couple can now look back at this and laugh now it’s b…

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