Weekend rehab for young cyber crims

Will an intervention program for young cyber hackers work: Picture: ABC TV

ONCE upon a time adolescent troublemaking meant sneaking out at night for some underage drinking and general shenanigans.

But these days it’s almost as likely that tech savvy kids are using the digital world to flex their mischief muscles by committing small scale cyber attacks like defacing a website, knocking servers offline or accessing restricted networks from behind their home computers.

Speaking with, cyber expert Professor Roderic Broadhurst said the only difference between hackers and those that work in cyber security is the latter group had had intervention at some stage.

It’s this reason that the UK government is trying to intervene with young hackers, trialling a weekend “rehab camp” for teens who have been caught engaging in small-time cyber crimes.

The pilot program which is put on by the country’s National Crime Agency and grew out of a research project involves introducing the…

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Weekend rehab for young cyber crims

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