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What it’s like to be a male rape victim

Jarrod Sierocki

The male victim of a rape in the UK, Dj Sam Thompson speaks out in a hope to raise awareness. Courtesy: Unilad

Male rape victim speaks up: DJ Sam Thompson hopes to raise awareness.

WARNING: Disturbing content

A MAN who was brutally raped by two men after a boys’ night out has revealed he was left traumatised and “wanted to jump off a bridge”.

Sam Thompson, 22, was subjected to a horrific attack which lasted several hours after a night partying with a friend in Manchester, in September 2016.

He said he felt “dirty and ashamed” after the attack, which led to a break up with his long term girlfriend and left him suicidal.

Jarrod Sierocki

Sam with his then-girlfriend, who has asked not to be named.Source:Supplied

Sam, from Newark, Nottinghamshire, said: “Male rape is still a taboo, men are expected to be manly.

“But I wanted to end my life afterwards. I felt dirty and ashamed, like it was my fault. I didn’t think rape could happen to me. It was never on my radar.

“Now I want to make men aware…

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