What Johnson really wanted to say

Jarrod Sierocki

Samuel Johnson won the TV Week Gold Logie and touched upon how the arts gave him a home and sheltered him as he grew up. Courtesy: Nine Network

Samuel Johnson being presented with a gold hat from Molly Meldrum at the 2017 Logie awards.

SAMUEL Johnson has finally revealed what he was going to say in the rest of his Gold Logie acceptance speech.

The actor was only halfway through his speech when Molly Meldrum stepped up to the mic and stole the show.

Speaking to the media backstage immediately after his win, Johnson said the rest of his speech was “epic” and that he “had it all planned” before it was derailed by Meldrum.

And now we know just how epic it was going to be after Johnson today posted his speech in full on Mamamia.

In the second half of his speech, the actor was going to thank the social media warriors who he believes made his Gold Logie win possible.

“Facebook has apparently been helping to swing voting results lately,” Johnson was going to say.

“It should be noted …

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