What makes Ninja twins so good?

Jarrod Sierocki

Dylan Pawson smashed his run and was far faster than his brother on Australian Ninja Warrior. Courtesy: Nine

Brisbane twins Brodie (R) and Dylan (L) Pawson won the first heat on Ninja Warrior last night, thanks to years of parkour training.

MODERN gym culture is full of myths – carbs are bad, gluten is the devil — and that the bloke with the biggest muscles is always the strongest.

But the stars of Nine’s new hit show Australian Ninja Warrior, which premiered to a massive 1.68 million viewers last night, are working overtime to dispel that myth.

Queensland twins Brodie and Dylan Pawson, 22, claimed the two fastest times on the challenging obstacle course during the first heat.

The brothers swung from silk ropes and climbed moving ladders with alarming ease, thanks to a decade of doing parkour, training their bodies to jump and swing over obstacles in real life, urban environments.

The Pawsons don’t look like the massive, bulked-up guys who hang around the weights section at the gy…

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