What would you do with $100k?

Jarrod Sierocki

David Koch shares five tips for you and your partner to better manage your money together.

Ms Serratore would also like to buy an investment property going forward. Picture: Daniel Aarons.

MILLENNIALS are often accused of being frivolous and privileged, scoffing down smashed avocado while complaining about housing affordability, but a recent study revealed young Aussies have matured financially — in some cases more so than their elders.

Sandwich company Subway will give away $100,000 to a lucky customer, who will be announced on Monday, January 16 and, as part of the promotion, commissioned a Galaxy poll of 1000 Australians to ask what they would do if given that sum.

Millennials were focused on their future, with 54 per cent saying they would spend the money on a home loan or mortgage; while just 31 per cent of Baby Boomers would do the same. An overseas holiday was at the top of the wish list of those aged 65 plus.

“It’s interesting to see such a strong focus on financial securi…

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