Will this ad fix Telstra’s network?

Telstra’s new advert on the magic of technology. “Fueled by imagination, the magic of technology creates infinite possibilities, helping every one of us to truly thrive”

Telstra says it’s shifting from telco to techno. Picture: YouTube

WITH Telstruggle taking the mantle from Vodafail as Australia’s most unreliable telco, will a new advertising campaign change customers’ minds?

That’s the idea, with Telstra this weekend launching its first major brand shake-up in five years in a bid to overhaul its tarnished image.

Launched on Sunday evening, “Telstra 3.0” aims to evolve the company’s position from a “telco to a techno — to be a world-class technology company empowering people to connect”.

The ad, which features Australian slam poet Philip Wilcox narrating over music from Sydney artists Flight Facilities, kicks off with sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke’s famous quote that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

“It shows how techno…

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