Woman cuts open lover’s throat

A MIDWIFE has told how she sliced open her boyfriend’s throat with a knife to save his life after he started choking on his food and almost died.

Sarah Glass, 45, was enjoying a barbecue with her partner Isak Bester, 50, last month on New Zealand’s North Island when the drama happened, The Sun reports.

Isak was tucking in to a piece of steak when he suddenly started gasping for breath after a chunk got stuck in his throat.

Pals attempted to dislodge it using the Heimlich manoeuvre, Stuff reports — but to no avail.

The crematorium and cemetery manager passed out and turned “completely purple”, with Sarah only managing to keep him alive by blowing air into his lungs using mouth-to-mouth.

But after a time even this stopped working as the piece of steak had moved, fully blocking his airway.

Sarah told the Daily Mail: “He was now turning a very nasty shade of purple and he was dying in front of us.”

But quick-thinking Sarah suddenly had a bright idea and called out for someone to …

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