World’s most powerful rocket to get us to Mars

NASA has been testing its new toy that will one day play a major role in getting us to Mars.

NASA engineers have tested the RS-25 rocket engine, which will play a crucial role in an eventual missions to Mars.

The test at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi is the latest in a series of RS-25 firings.

The forthcoming Space Launch System (SLS) rocket will be powered by four R2-25 engines firing simultaneously. The RS-25s will provide 2 million pounds of thrust, according to NASA and will work in conjunction with a pair of solid rocket boosters, which provide an additional 6.8 million pounds of thrust.

The first unmanned flight of the heavy-lift SLS — a trip around the moon — was scheduled for 2018, but was recently pushed back to 2019, according to reports.

A crewed mission was expe…

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