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You can stay in Pablo Escobar’s old house

Jarrod Sierocki

Here’s a sneak peak at the death of Pablo Escobar in Season Two of Netflix’s “Narcos.”

ATTENTION, Narcos fans: you can now stay in one of Pablo Escobar’s personal houses, which has been turned into a 35-room luxury hotel.

For over a decade the drug lord’s mansion in Tulum, Mexico sat empty, but it has now been renovated and transformed by art dealer Lio Lamca to become the stunning Casa Malca, The Sun reports.

From about $670 a night, guests can spend the night in the stunning property, which used to belong to Colombia’s most notorious drug lord.

Locals claim the so-called King of Cocaine, who headed up the Medellin Cartel that brought in more than $91.5 million per day, built the whitewashed house in the 1980s.

The eco-friendly boutique hotel is located right on a pristine stretch of a private beach in the popular resort town and comes with a wealth of amenities befitting of the billionaire.

Jarrod Sierocki

Escobar’s infamous mugshot.Source:Supplied

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