‘You’re going to f***ing kill me’

Jarrod Sierocki

Cyclist and YouTuber Harley ‘durianrider’ Johnstone, ex-partner of Freelee the Banana Girl, has unleashed on a driver who came too close on the road. Courtesy: YouTube/VeloVegan, YouTube/durianrider

The pro-vegan rider was obviously upset about the situation.

THE endless battle between cyclists and motorists has a new chapter with a prominent vegan activist sharing a video of his fiery road rage exchange with a driver.

In a video uploaded to his “Durianrider” YouTube channel, Harley Johnstone went on a two-minute tirade, in which he accused a motorist of trying to kill him.

The incident occurred when Mr Johnstone was angry after a near-miss with a motorist on Norton Summit in Adelaide on Sunday.

Footage shows the cyclist, wearing a Lycra jersey and shorts promoting veganism, attempting to open the door of the vehicle in question, which had pulled over on the side of the road.

“Kill me, mate. You wanna kill me? I’m here, kill me man,” he screams at the driver.

The driver, who do…

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