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‘Brand You’ is More Important Than Ever

‘Brand You’ is More Important Than Ever

The world has completely changed as we know it and navigating your way through this uncertain time can be a daunting and overwhelming task.

A new book by expert brand builder Garry Browne AM offers a helping hand, reminding you of the importance of self-reflection and provides tips and tools that can help you develop a strong sense of self.

“Focusing on building your personal brand and being clear about who you are and what you stand for, can help foster your self-esteem and help you move forward during this time of such unprecedented and fundamental change,” explains Browne.

“Re-evaluate what’s important to you and what your values are so this can drive what you do next. Your values go to the core of who ‘brand you’ is and will hopefully provide you with some clarity.”

Branding expert Garry Browne AM has had over 40 years’ experience successfully launching international brands into Australia, transforming them into the brands we know and love today including the likes of Tabasco, Chupa Chups, Mentos, Fisherman’s Friend and Guylian Chocolates.

COVID-19 has been a complete game-changer and forced all of us to adapt the way we live, work and operate.

“It’s more important than ever to understand your own values, abilities, strengths and weaknesses so that you can define your path and position yourself as a unique asset in your professional and personal life.”

“Try asking yourself what are the qualities and characteristics that make you distinctive from others, what do you want to be known for, what values are important to you and what is your elevator pitch?”


“No one can opt out of having a personal brand, you have one whether you manage it or not. Take ownership of it and continue to manage it, because if you don’t, others will make it for you.”

If you’ve recently lost your job, are seeking to craft a more powerful position for yourself, or you simply feel lost or stuck, Brand New Brand You offers that much needed guidance and a great starting point to help you create the best version of yourself.

Brand New Brand You by Garry Browne AM ($24.95) is available from Booktopia, Dymocks and QBD and online here


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