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What Gen Z is Buying For Holiday Gifts 2020

As a person born in 1997, I heard about Millenials buying avocado toast instead of houses while I was still in high school. And now, post-college at the spry age of 23, I hear about Gen-Z teens making six-figures by dancing on an app that the government almost canceled. Suffice to say, I’m an inbetweener on the cusp of two generational extremes. Although generally confused about which side of this social-construct spectrum I actually lie on, if we’re getting technical, I’m a Gen Z through and through — especially on my millennial-filled R29 Shopping team. So, for the upcoming holiday season, I fully harnessed all of my tech-savvy, self-deprecating-yet-confident, and passionately-outspoken attributes to curate the ultimate Gen-Z gift…

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