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Home Technology News Samsung 870 QVO gets a big makeover – 8TB - GadgetGuy

Samsung 870 QVO gets a big makeover – 8TB – GadgetGuy

The Samsung 870 QVO in its 2.5 SATA 6 guise has been around for a while. It is not a replacement for the 860 series but a new Gen 2 design. It now has an 8TB model.
In fact, there are a few Samsung SSD 2/5 SATA 3/6 for 3/6Gbps models. Note specs are for the largest capacity.

 CapacitySpeedRAM CacheLPDDR4ControllerWarranty
EVO250/500GB1/2/4TB3bit MLC38% faster than860 EVO 560/530MBps4GB (4TB)2GB (2TB)1GB (1TB)512MB (250/500GB)MKX5-years or2,400TBW (4TB)1,200TBW (2TB)600TBW (1TB)300TBW (500GB)150TBW…

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