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inside the Gen Z, Millennials culture war

The responses, from Millennials – who’ve also been taken to task on TikTok for loving the laughing-crying emoji, Harry Potter, and taking a selfie from above while smiling – have ranged from the hilarious to the hurt.


“It’s all fun and games until you get a FUPA,” said Canadian mother Catherine Belknap, in a viral Tik Tok addressed to “the people who came out of our vageen” and referring to the acronym for “fat upper pubic area” that is often the result of childbirth and ageing and which, she jokes, gets firmly in the way of the more rigid (and less stretchy) jeans that Gen Z’ers (now aged between six and 24) are championing.

Another woman, Becky Vieira, clapped back on Instagram, writing that…

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