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Conan Gray’s “Overdrive” Is An Escape From Your Current Reality

For Conan Gray, social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic has provided the 22-year-old with ample time to mull over the melancholy parts of life. “I just wanted to kind of leave reality for a second,” he tells Elite Daily of the day he wrote his latest single, “Overdrive,” his first since his 2020 debut album Kid Krow. Although the era was full of success for the former YouTuber, a period of loneliness followed, and his newest track reflects it. Embedded within it is a supercharged sense of longing, an energy that feels like every anthemic verse is a synth-laden bubble about to burst. Conan Gray wrote “Overdrive” to escape the crushing world around him. After the track’s Feb. 19 release, he’s ready to take his fans along with him.


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