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The Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty Collab Is Back & More ’90s Than Ever

The sticker aesthetic, rampant in the ’90s and early 2000s, has been a favorite of mine since I bought my first Lisa Frank notebook back in my elementary school days. To this day, my water bottles, laptop, and desk are all covered in stickers, but I’ve yet to take that look to my shoes. Luckily, I don’t have to DIY it; instead, Dr. Marten’s latest Hello Kitty collaboration fulfills all my dreams. The iconic boots and lace-up oxfords come with neon designs that look just like well-placed stickers. They’re so ’90s-tastic, I’m already clearing a prominent place on my shoe rack.

For this latest convergence, Dr. Martens reimagined its classic 1460s and Jadon boots, as well as its 1461 loafer. Each is decorated with graphics of a slew of Hello…

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