Monday, September 27, 2021

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What Aussies want most during lockdown

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What do you dream of getting delivered most during lockdown? Men want a Bugatti, women a new pet – and both want a bit of spice in the bedroom.

And, with home deliveries becoming the new norm because of COVID,  more than 83 percent of Aussies say home deliveries brighten up their day.

A poll of more than 1000 Australians across the nation found some of the items people would most like delivered included a Bugatti, or another luxury car; a new pet or even sexy underwear to bring life to their bedroom.

With the massive increase in home deliveries, Aussie businesses such as 13cabs have cleverly pivoted to help those stuck at home – which also keeps Drivers in business as people are not travelling as much.

The poll, conducted last week for 13cabs, found the most unusual items people would like to see delivered to their home included: 

  1. A Bugatti or another luxury car – 9% (From vintage to the latest luxury)
  2. Sexy underwear, sex toys, and other things to bring life to their bedroom – 9% (Typically younger respondents and in the suburbs, regions)
  3. Pets of all shapes and sizes – 8%
  4. Cash, gold or a lottery ticket – 8%
  5. Everyday unusual – 7% (Knitting yarn, slushy, a Cob Loaf, or even a comfortable chair)
  6. Music, books, art and antiques to bring their home to life – 6%
  7. Big boys’ toys – 5% (A bulldozer, ride on mower) ( all male respondents)
  8. Pampering – 5% (A massage, mani-pedi, and hairstyle) (interestingly, a mix of male and female.)

The poll also found that 18 percent of people would like a visit from family and friends – particularly those aged over 55 – and another 12 percent would love a surprise gift delivered.

13cabs Chief Operating Officer, Stuart Overell said the results were a good reflection of what people were getting delivered during lockdown – and also what they were dreaming about.

“Our Drivers have told us what people are wanting delivered during lockdown,” he said.

“One customer had a new puppy delivered; another sent a homemade cake to their mum and one wanted a simple box of balloons to entertain the kids.

“We cater for everyone with our delivery service; nowadays people just don’t want food or alcohol delivered to their door, they want a variety of things to help get them through this tough period.

“We are finding a huge demand from people using our 13cabs delivers service – they may want to send their friend a birthday present or their co-workers’ important documents to sign.

“The 13cabs website and app allows people to get an instant quote and see how relatively inexpensive it is getting a delivery when it is needed right now.

“With pick up in under 10 minutes all around Australia, from Darwin to Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, there is not a more efficient way of getting a delivery when you need it now,” Mr Overell said.

“This work is great for Drivers too as it’s keeping them on the road during this difficult time. They have all received extra training to ensure COVID-safe practices.”

Consumer strategist Matt Sandwell, the Director of Owl Insights, said the research showed people were tired of the long lockdowns and looking for anything to cheer up their day.

“I’m not surprised by people wanting something to spice up their life – there’s not much else to do,” he said.

“Seriously though, the research shows people are really missing everyday things, like getting a slushie from the local servo, having family and friends visit or even to be able to travel to the next suburb.”

The survey was conducted by Owl Insights, with a sample size of 1007 people across Australia over the weekend of August 21 and 22 2021.

About 13cabs: 13cabs is the largest taxi network in Australia, directly supporting 10,000 regularly sanitised vehicles and 40,000 career drivers.

13cabs believes in the importance of accessible, dependable, and equitable transport in the community and is building the team, technology and brands to support its delivery. Find out more at or download the 13cabs app from Apple or Google Play stores

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