Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Tag: 9news.com.au

Sunshine Coast woman retiring early after $60m lottery win – 9News

A Sunshine Coast woman is retiring early after winning $60 million in last night's Powerball draw.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain implant will ‘merge’ humans with AI – 9News

Elon Musk believes he knows how to connect human brains with computer interfaces via artificial intelligence.

Josh Reynolds cleared to play in NRL as DV matter brought forward – 9News

After explosive investigation into ex-girlfriend's many aliases.

Jeff Bezos hit with $24k in parking fines while renovating $34m home – 9News

The richest man in the world has reportedly racked up $A24,900 while renovating his $A34 mansion in the US.

New software glitch discovered on Boeing’s troubled 737 Max – 9News

A new software issue has been discovered on the Boeing 737 Max, but the company said Thursday it does not think it will further delay its return to service.

Cyclone, torrential rain and towns under water as wet weather continues – 9News

Flood warnings are being issued across eastern states as WA braces for an incoming cyclone.

Flood warnings issued as locals rejoice in heavy falls – 9News

Farmers in drought-striken NSW and Queensland communities are celebrating their best rain in years, while on the other side of Australia a cyclone looms.

Distressing image emerges of former West Coast Eagles star Daniel Kerr unconscious on WA street – 9News

An image of a hooded man laying unresponsive at the feet of a WA policeman has been confirmed as former West Coast star Daniel Kerr.

Spotify adds popular podcast site to catalogue – 9News

Spotify has announced plans to buy another popular podcast site as it looks to expand its market.

‘They’re after me’: Listening device captures disturbing claims, William Tyrrell case hears – 9News

Listening bugs planted in the investigation into missing William Tyrrell caught a widower telling his dead wife not to 'tell anyone', a Sydney court has heard.

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