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Qld starts year with no new COVID-19 cases – msnNOW

Queensland has started the new year with no new cases of COVID-19 while travellers planning to visit NSW and Victoria have been told to reconsider.

FDA note used out of context to suggest COVID-19 vaccines cause death – Education – Australian Associated Press

The document is being circulated on social media with suggestions that virus treatments carry deadly side effects.

Chill out: cold-storage mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are legitimate – Education – Australian Associated Press

To understand why these vaccines need to be kept so cold, it's useful to know how they work.

No, this COVID-19 vaccine photo isn’t ‘fake news’ from October – Education – Australian Associated Press

Margaret Keenan's image was used in media reports worldwide after she became the first person vaccinated under the UK's inoculation program.

‘A step above injecting bleach’: Vitamin C cure for COVID-19 panned – Education – Australian Associated Press

An image shared on social media by a US vitamin advocate suggests intravenous doses can

Is there more chance of an asteroid hitting Earth than dying from COVID-19? – Education – Australian Associated Press

A meme suggests an object due to approach the planet in November is a bigger risk than the virus.

Lockdown critic says COVID-19 is only slightly worse than the flu – Education – Australian Associated Press

Is the fatality rate for COVID-19 only marginally worse than the seasonal flu?
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