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Monday, September 28, 2020




Amazon Luna, Alexa, Echo, Fire TV and Ring event: Everything announced – CNET

Look for lots of new hardware from Amazon's many smart home brands, including a Ring flying robot camera and a new cloud-gaming service.

iOS 14 trend: Here’s how everyone’s changing app icons on their iPhone home screen – CNET

You can finally customize the look and size of your iPhone apps with the help of the Widgetsmith and Shortcuts apps.

iPhone 12 rumors: Apple likely to launch new 5G iPhone in October – CNET

Ten standout rumors we've heard about the upcoming iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

iPadOS 14 makes your iPad more like a Mac. Here’s how to use its new features – CNET

The iPad lineup is starting to look and work a lot more like a Mac. For better or worse.

Xbox update will let you download and install games before you buy them – CNET

For disc buyers, this means you can play your new game as soon as you pop the disc in -- rather than waiting hours for it to download, install and patch.

Next iPad Pro will feature mini-LED displays, Apple analyst Kuo predicts – CNET

The company will reportedly speed up adoption of the displays in its iPad and MacBook lineups.

BMW announces its most extreme M model ever — and it only costs $33,000 – CNET

The catch is that the M 1000RR is a motorcycle, but what a motorcycle it is.

NASA highlights psychedelic cyclones of Jupiter in wild image – CNET

An "extreme false color" look at Jupiter's crazy storms would fit right in on a tie-dye shirt.

New discovery confirms the Spinosaurus was a ‘water-dwelling, river monster’ – CNET

Found in an ancient river bed, a cache of teeth has sealed the deal.

NASA serves up a breathtaking view of a shadow cast on Jupiter – CNET

NASA's Juno spacecraft watches as Jupiter's moon Io leaves a fleeting mark on the gas giant.
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