Saturday, June 19, 2021

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Tag: ScienceAlert

A Ginormous Arc of Galaxies Was Just Detected in The Distant Universe – ScienceAlert

The Universe is a large place, and there are a lot of large things in it. Not just galaxies, but groupings of galaxies, and the...

Bizarre Deep-Sea Creature Bristling With Teeth Is ‘Totally Unique’, Scientist Says – ScienceAlert

Let me introduce you to Ophiojura, a bizarre deep-sea animal found in 2011 by scientists from the French Natural History Museum,...

A Colossal Black Hole Storm Has Been Detected Raging in The Early Universe – ScienceAlert

In the far reaches of the Universe, a supermassive black hole is throwing a tantrum.

Two Previously Unknown Brain Cell Types Have Been Discovered in Mouse Study – ScienceAlert

Despite us having mapped and categorized so much of mammal biology already, there are still new surprises lying in wait. Now,...

Astronomers Just Detected Possibly The Largest Rotating Structures in The Universe – ScienceAlert

Although the night sky changes very little on human timescales, the Universe is not a static place.

Scientists Have Studied This Plant For Over 100 Years. They Just Found a New Part – ScienceAlert

One of the best studied plants in science is a small, unassuming weed. Thale cress, or Arabidopsis thaliana, is a model organism, which...

This Giant Prehistoric ‘River Boss’ Is Largest Extinct Croc Ever Found in Australia – ScienceAlert

Say hello to Gunggamarandu maunala, or the "hole-headed river boss" – the biggest extinct croc yet found in Australia, and an...

Once Mistaken For a Tiny Bird With Teeth, This Fossil Is Now Officially a Lizard – ScienceAlert

Last year, a tiny fossil became big news. Trapped inside ancient amber, scientists thought they'd found the skull of a minuscule,...

First-of-Its-Kind Alzheimer’s Vaccine Just Passed Safety Tests in Latest Human Trials – ScienceAlert

A first-of-its-kind experimental vaccine designed to protect against Alzheimer's disease has passed the latest stage of human...

We Have The First-Ever 3D Map of Our Solar System’s Heliosphere, And It’s Amazing – ScienceAlert

We now have a three-dimensional map of one of the boundaries of the Solar System.
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