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Ex-Windows boss reveals his new desktop PC is an iPad Pro – TechSpot

Having joined Microsoft back in 1989 as a software design engineer, Sinofsky worked his way up to President of the Windows division by 2009, finally departing the company at the end of 2012.

Linus Torvalds abandons Intel for AMD after 15 years – TechSpot

In yesterday’s announcement of the new Linux Kernel 5.7 RC7, Torvalds wrote: “The biggest excitement this week for me was just that I upgraded my main machine, and for the first time in about 15 years, my desktop isn't Intel-based.…

Razer updates Blade Pro 17 with 300Hz display, RTX 2080 Super – TechSpot

Razer's update to the Blade Pro 17 are set to please content creators and gamers. Those wishing for the insane 300Hz panel will have to get either a RTX 2070 Max-Q or 2080 Super Max-Q with the former starting at…

A new human-like bionic eye offers potential in robotics and human augmentation – TechSpot

On Wednesday, researchers from Hong Kong University published a paper in Nature detailing work on a bionic eye. The team has already developed a prototype robotic eye that could provide better visual input to humanoid robots or even be used…

Samsung’s T7 portable SSD is now available to buy – TechSpot

With the T7 portable SSD, Samsung touted twice the performance of its popular T5 series and added a slightly more expensive variant to the new lineup that bore a fingerprint reader on the drive's lightweight 58g aluminum shell, for added…

Next-gen SD cards are blisteringly fast – TechSpot

The association has announced that the SD 8.0 spec will bring a maximum transfer speed of almost 4 gigabytes per second (3,398 MB/s), which is about four times faster than the 985 MB/s found in current SD Express cards, and…

New GPU acceleration patch for Adobe Premiere Pro makes video encoding much faster – TechSpot

Hardware acceleration in Premiere Pro is nothing new. It has been using Nvidia CUDA for acceleration for a while now. Version 14.2 incorporates Nvidia's Nvencode API to utilize the video card's hardware-based NVENC encoder. Likewise, the patch will use the&he…

Microsoft’s Project Reunion widens Windows 10 opportunity to one billion devices – TechSpot

Appropriately, at this year’s virtual Build developer conference, the company made what could prove to be an even more impactful announcement that will allow developers to take full advantage of that huge installed base. In short, the company unveiled somethi…

Blasts From the Past: TechSpot Staff’s Favorite Tech of the Last Decade – TechSpot

We asked everyone on the TechSpot team to think about their top 5 favorite tech items released in the last decade. This article is a collective list of those products (later on you can share your own with the community in the comments), so please join us as w…

Intel is making 28W Ice Lake chips exclusive to Apple’s MacBook Pro – TechSpot

Widespread reports indicate that Apple has been working on ARM-based CPUs for its Macs for years now, presumably to reduce its dependence on Intel chips that don't seem to get a lot faster with every new generation.
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Nasa releases plan for Moon return by 2024 – Yahoo News Australia

The US space agency (Nasa) formally outlines its $28bn plan to return astronauts to the Moon by 2024.

SkyDrive Aiming for Flying Taxi Services in 2023 – ENGINEERING.com

Japan-based SkyDrive’s prototype flying vehicle, SD-03, completes successful piloted test flight.